MR. SCRUFF, by Simon James, Candlewick Press


A sweetly silly story of a little boy and a dog who make an unlikely (but perhaps perfect) pair.

Everyone knows that owners and their dogs belong together in a unique way. Polly belongs to Molly, Eric belongs to Derek, Berry belongs to Terry. But poor Mr. Scruff, alone in the rescue shelter, doesn’t belong to anyone. Then a boy named Jim walks in, and they seem to get along. Jim and Mr. Scruff don’t look anything alike, and their names certainly don’t rhyme, but they may end up belonging to each other just the same. From author-illustrator Simon James comes a warm, winning story about friendship and finding a home.

Out September 2019

32 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

First off, I love the cover art. It caught my attention right away.

Everyone loves a story about a dog and a boy? Right? If you don’t, then you will after reading this one!

This book is mostly in verse about pets and their owners, how there is one for the other. Poor Mr. Scruff has no owner because he’s big and old and no one wants him. Along comes Tim and whereas all the other dog owners have names that rhyme with their owners, Tim has… Mr. Scruff. An emphasis is put on all dogs need a home.

Then, you meet Mr. Gruff. Mr. Gruff is old but he picks a puppy.  The conclusion is quite fun and brilliant! The artwork is adorable and compliments the story immensely. The wording, sentence length and large print are just perfect for the beginner picture book reader, or, for the older reader that struggles with reading.

I great story, lovely illustrations and a clear and needed message, not to mention an unexpected ending!

I gave this book:



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