Gina Linko likes to write books for kids and young people, because, in her opinion, they are the absolute best kinds of people.  Gina has two fluffy, fat cats, one of which is an evil genius.  She also has three kids, none of which are fluffy or evil geniuses, although they are quite interesting in their own human-like ways.  Gina lives in a suburb outside Chicago, where spends her free time reading and then reading some more.  She likes to stay up super late at night. She doesn’t like alarm clocks.  She really likes Hershey nuggets, playing euchre, and watching the Cubbies.
Her children like to call her Lil Gina, even though she’s six-feet tall.


Gina Linko has a graduate degree in creative writing from DePaul University, and is also the author of the young adult novels Flutter and Indigo. Gina edits college textbooks as a day job, but her real passion is sitting down at a blank computer screen and asking herself the question, “What if . . . ?”

Gina’s Blog


I consider myself extraordinarily privileged to have this opportunity to interview Gina Linko. Let’s celebrate Gina Linko’s  new Debut Middle-Grade Book,  Flower Moon.

FLOWER MOON: Due Out: January 2, 2018


Available Editions
EDITION Hardcover
ISBN 9781510722743
PRICE $15.99 (USD)

242 Pages

Ages: 8-12

Tally Jo and Tempest Trimble are mirror twins, so alike they were almost born the same person. Inseparable, but more than that. Connected.

That is, until this summer. The twins are traveling with Pa Charlie’s carnival just like always, but there’s a new distance between them. Tempest is so caught up in her own ideas, she doesn’t seem to have space left in her life for Tally. And, more than that, Tally’s started to notice there’s something between them. Something real, growing with the phases of the moon, pushing them apart. Sparking, sputtering, wild. Dangerous.

With the full moon approaching, Tally knows it’s up to her to find out what’s going on—and to beat it. If she can’t, she might just lose her sister. Forever.

For fans of Savvy and A Snicker of Magic, this is a spellbinding story of friendship and family—a poignant ode to both what’s worth holding on to and what we have to let go.

Marketing Plan


Middle grade hot topics: Flower Moon packs in a wide array of subjects that endlessly fascinate middle schoolers: twins, carnivals, and the south.
Magic realism: Magic realism like A Snicker of Magic, Doll Bones and now Flower Moon is all the rage in middle grade right now—both in the commercial and award markets.
STEM tie-in: The magic in Flower Moon has scientific roots, and the experiments the characters perform can all be replicated, giving teachers the option of tying this into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics curricula.
State award list potential: Flower Moon’s southern setting and beautiful, literary writing make it a great choice for state awards that strongly drive sales, like the Sunshine State Award and the Texas Blue Bonnet.
Early buzz: From invitations to submit to BEA’s Middle Grade Buzz Panel to quick foreign rights interest, readers have taken an immediate interest in reading and sharing this book. We’re in a good position to make it a hit in publicity and foreign markets.

Advance Praise

“Flower Moon has all the fun of a traveling carnival—it’s sweet as cotton candy and hold-on-tight scary like the Scrambler. At heart, this engaging, winsome story of mirror twins who suddenly repel each other is about friendship, family, and finding your true strength. Tally, Tempest, and their own exhilarating brand of magic spark and crackle.” —C. K. Kelly Martin, author of Stricken and I Know it’s Over

“A heartwarming story about the power of sisters and the journey of self-discovery, Flower Moon has mystery, magic, and spirit on every page. I loved Tally and her carnivalesque family’s adventures!” —Elsie Chapman, author of Dualed and Along the Indigo

“Deep, complex, and beautiful . . . like sisterhood itself.” —Elana K. Arnold, author of A Boy Called Bat and The Question of Miracles

“A delightful tale of warmhearted characters and crackling summer magic.” —Sally J. Pla, author of The Someday Birds

“A gorgeous ode to the transcendent power of sisterhood, painted in words as magical as the tale they tell.” —Sarvenaz Tash, author of The Mapmaker and the Ghost and The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love


Author of six other books: Flutter, Frank’s Fear, Indigo, Holden’s Heart, Allie’s Answers, Rebecca’s Return

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