If you’re here, you have an amazing book ready for reviews and you want to get as many as you can to help boost sales and author presence! You’re in luck! I completely understand.

I’ve put together a page here that will help explain how to submit your work/book and what you need to do.

If you have a book and want to send a review request right away, send an email telling me about your book. NOTE! DO NOT SEND ME AN EBOOK FILE at this point. I will not read it. First, I want to make certain your work is something I’d read so give me a brief synopsis.  There are lots of things I do not review, but more of what I love to read and review and you can find that information by clicking on the provided link above. Read carefully!

I do not review poetry, westerns, slice and dice horror and sloppy romance. I will read something that has a bit of romance in it, just make certain it’s a minor element in the story or I DNF. (That’s short for filing it under ‘g’)

Thanks for contacting me!