JUST BECAUSE, by Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault, Candlewick Press


Curious minds are rewarded with curious answers.

Why is the ocean blue? What is the rain? What happened to the dinosaurs? It might be time for bed, but one child is too full of questions about the world to go to sleep just yet.

Out September 2019

40 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

The character in this book reminds me of my daughter. Katie is special needs and she is constantly asking  “why.” I love the father’s answers, especially at the end of the book.

The book has both long and short sentences, in large print. Perfect for the more advanced picture book reader.  The pages are brilliantly illustrated with bright, large illustrations. With the pictures, the words convey a beautifully written story of wonder and discovery (not to mention dad’s patience). It informative/educational and structured perfectly.

This is a large book that will fit perfectly in little laps while hands turn pages and mom and dad read to them, or they choose to read to you.  Made the trigger curiosity and the imagination, this book is great to flip through with little ones who cannot read yet.

I love this book and gave it:


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