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A big shout out to all my fellow authors trying to, and succeeding at getting published!

My submission guidelines for indie authors submitting ARCs to me for reading and reviewing are fairly simple.


Everything but Fantasy and Science Fiction

Contact me first to see if I’m booked up for ebook reading.  I get a lot of requests-not complaining but oi! I have to pick and choose through a vast pile of brilliant work born from tears and sweat and frustration. What a job! I wish I could review them all. So to help me through all this, I’ve decided on these guidelines beginning with:

I only pick those I can get in PDF format. It’s the easiest on my eyes.  I only take on so many ebooks. After a certain limit, I require printed copies. Query first! See what space for reviews is available and in what format.

is where you can send me a query letter FIRST.

DO NOT SEND ANYTHING UNTIL I READ YOUR QUERY AND show some interest in your query. I may just provide a mailing address for you to post your book to me. USE REGULAR MAIL. I will not pay Custom charges.

It would be great to get Book One of a series, not Book Ten and hope I can make do. I won’t/can’t do your work justice if there’s a serious character, plot and setting development that I need to understand found in the previous books that I haven’t read. No, I won’t go get them and read them first. If you are providing me with book three of a series, also provide books one and two. LET ME KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS. You’ve now gone from my reading one book to three and I have to have time for this.

If I request your eBook, only then send along your PDF file in the body of the email.  I WILL NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS and any email with attachments will automatically be deleted. Be brave and send me any links to your social media and author website, I might share on my review or spotlight post to help you along.

Don’t be shy about telling me you are self-published, so am I. Isn’t it great??? 🙂

Check my site often, do a search. My reviews are posted via book title so if you search for your book, you’ll find my review.

I share all reviews on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Goodreads, Google and sometimes on Amazon. Please note that I have two blogs which share posts, they in turn are shared by my followers and fellow authors.


Query me with your proposal/synopsis. Tell me how many pages it is, so I can schedule my time accordingly. Let me know a bit about you and if you have other fantasy or Sci Fi books published, in the works, or simmering as an outline.  I am a huge fan of this genre.

If I’m interested, I will request a printed copy to read.  No eBooks please.  I will email the mailing address as to where to send it.

Isn’t writing exciting! I can’t wait to see what you have for me!


I am also an editor and a proof reader, a writing coach, ghostwriter, published author… lol. As you can see, I have been involved in the writing world for a long time.

As an editor, I want to see an author’s best effort, so make a great first impression.  Edit, edit, edit!


Finally, I do my best to read as much as I can that’s sent to me but book reading does take time.  I can read a printed copy faster than a PDF; I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s an eye thing from staring at a computer all day–I’m a certified freelance writer and published author too.  Around 200 or so pages will take me one day to read… a really good story and I’ll read a printed copy in 4 hours or less<wink> <wink>.  Always remember to grab a reader with a great hook.

I am no longer able to be a Beta reader.

You can still follow me on all my blogs and author sites, social media too. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to follow, like any or all my posts and support a fellow writer.

I do not charge for being a reviewer.

I do not guarantee “good reviews” but I will provide an honest review. I request the right to make it as long as I feel necessary.  It will not be a book report.  Click here to see what I normally do.


Although I review books for traditional publishers, I also do not charge for this service. I am not associated with, nor am I employed by any.  I promote other authors and their work by reviewing for free.

Happy Writing and Reading!

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