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A big shout out to all my fellow authors trying to, and succeeding at getting published!

My submission guidelines for submitting ARCs to me for reading and review are fairly simple.

Publishers can send them along to: J.L. Slipak, 238 Westside road, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada, L3K 5K9.

I read and review: Contemporary Fiction, Thrillers of all kinds, Fantasy (for series, I will need the first book of the series, especially, if you are not sending me book one to review). Contact me to see if I’ve already read it, this could save some time and expense.

I also read and review: YA fiction, Children’s books, Science Fiction,  Mysteries, Supernatural and Paranormal Fiction.  I draw the line on some Horror books (contact me about these).

For Non-Fiction: I love historical biographies, unusual stories based on facts, unexplained discoveries, mysteries and scientific discoveries all based on facts. If you’re not sure, just contact me. I love science non-fiction, but not texts.


If you wish me to read your ARC or Galley, please send me a copy with the least amount of editing mistakes, perhaps, the next to final copy. Send to the same address. I will ask for an email copy if I want one, but my preference is a printed copy.

As an editor, I get a bit hung up on mistakes in a manuscript so it would be best to eliminate as much as you can before sending me the ARC. That way, I can concentrate on reading the book and not on the mistakes.  Too many mistakes, and I won’t finish the book or provide a review.


Finally, I do my best to read as much as I can that’s sent to me but book reading does take time.  If you have a specific worksheet you prefer to have filled out, although this is more related to Beta reading, please include it with your ARC or Galley. I am not a Beta reader.

My editing services are listed on my website:

I do not guarantee “good reviews” but I will provide an honest review and even a detailed review if requested. I can also summarize in a short blurb, 200 or so words.  I also like to know something about the author, so send me a letter of intro with the ARC and contact information should I have any questions.

Let me know if the author is open to an interview if I like their book.

Happy Reading!

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