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A big shout out to all my fellow authors trying to, and succeeding at getting published!

My submission guidelines for indie authors submitting ARCs to me for reading and reviewing are fairly simple. I encourage that you edit your books to death. Too many errors turns me off of the work. I am after all, an editor as well as an author.



January 1, 2021 to May 1, 2021

I am not taking any requests for reviews.

*I do not charge for being a reviewer. NO ONE SHOULD!

I am currently accepting requests for editing manuscripts.

*I do charge for my editing services.

Happy Writing and Reading!

2 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEWS

  1. Review Request – Can’t find other contact

    Inquiring whether you’d like to read and review our new novel, just published.

    Title: MASKS
    Authors: Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
    Length: 256 pp. – 80,200 w.
    Genre: historical fantasy/backstage realism/mythic elements
    Available Format for Review: printed copy or e-book (any format)
    Published: 2/1/21, WordWorkers Press, distrib. IngramSpark

    At the behest of his patron, a medieval scribe narrates his journey as an inquisitive, puzzled six-year-old on tour with his family troupe of players across a landscape of war, plague, religious strife and problematic hosts. They transport a hamper of curse-bearing masks that intrude a Norse holocaust into the boy’s dreams and the family’s reality.
    It’s about making sense of the fears that provoke self-destruction, improvising the strategies of survival, and provoking a laugh. And it draws on our own forty-five years of theatrical touring across the US, facing the daily challenges, the audiences, and the questions. There are gritty moments—it’s not a bright fairy tale—but it has lots of comedy, and it’s from the heart.

    Peace & joy—
    Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller


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