The follow up to the Eisner-nominated collection of Wallace the Brave comics, featuring beautifully illustrated scenes of childhood imagination, friendship, outdoor exploration, and adventure.

Think “Peanuts” if Charlie Brown were less of a mope or “Calvin & Hobbes” if Calvin weren’t a bit of a psychopath. “Wallace The Brave” is about a family. There’s Dad, a fisherman, Mom, a gardener, their almost feral young son Sterling, who never met a bug he wouldn’t eat, and his older brother Wallace, a rambunctious, imaginative kid big on exploring. Mostly we see the world of the strip through Wallace’s eyes, a sleepy East Coast beach town called Snug Harbor where the streets are lined with ice cream shops and the beaches are dotted with rocky tide pools … The world of childhood depicted in the strip is a timeless, outdoorsy one reminiscent of strips like “Calvin & Hobbes” and “Cul De Sac,” both of which Henry cites as influences. — NPR’s Glen Weldon

Out September 2019

176 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

OMG! I love this series. Wallace is such a dorky kid that you can’t help but love and his interactions with his parents, especially his dad… and his friends, teachers, people he runs into…  I always smile when I read about his antics.

Will Henry is a very talented man. Love his work and those that he claims to influence his work too. Wallace is a typical kid with a snarky attitude and funny way of twisting even the simplest thing into a huge drama.

If you love the Peanuts and Big Nate, you’ll love Wallace the Brave collection. I recommend you pick up one of the books from the Wallace collection and give it a try!

I gave this book:


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