WHOSE WAVES THESE ARE, by Amanda Dykes, Bethany House, Baker Publishing Group


In the wake of WWII, a grieving fisherman submits a poem to a local newspaper asking readers to send rocks in honor of loved ones to create something life-giving but the building halts when tragedy strikes. Decades later, Annie returns to the coastal Maine town where stone ruins spark her curiosity and her search for answers faces a battle against time.

368 Pages

Out April 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

This historical fiction that evolves from the aftermath of WWII blew me away. Amanda Dykes hit it out of the ballpark.

Not only were the characters developed realistically, they were real to me. I felt every emotion, connected deeply and tragically with them, loved them, hated them and wanted more for them. I connected and lost myself within the books pages in one sitting. All range of emotions filled me as I engaged with the story-telling. Dykes voice is strong, effective and in control of the plot. She is creative with setting and pacing which helps to keep the reader reading. But it’s her characters that drive the story. They are beautifully written, layered and flawed in all the right ways. You will know them deeply by the conclusion of the  story. At the end of the book, the reader is left feeling satisfied and wanting more of the author’s talent.

I gave this book:


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