ON A SUMMER TIDE, THREE SISTERS ISLAND, by Suzanne Woods Fisher, Revell, Baker Publishing Group


When her father buys an island off the coast of Maine with the hope of breathing new life into it, Camden Grayson thinks hes lost his mind. An unexpected event sends Cam to his rescue, and she discovers the island has its own way of living . . . and loving.

320 Pages

Out April 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Okay, I won’t tell a lie… I realized this was a contemporary romance novel and my initial reaction to this discovery was… ick! So here I was with a lovely covered book, three sisters, a free-spirited dad and an island full of  surprises. Do I ditch the book?

No, I pick it up and begin reading it in July… erm …then I stopped reading it in July. Next, I picked it up and started reading it again in August. Not sure what the difference was between July and August, but something was in the air… I finished the book in two days. Go figure!

I’ve heard of Suzanne Woods Fisher before, in fact, have strolled through bookstores and libraries by shelves with books showing her name in bold print and after a quick cursory glance continued on strolling. So I really don’t know why I decided this time, this book… it would be different. Perhaps, it’s the fact that it’s book one in a new series by her; or, maybe it’s because it’s about sisters and since I don’t have sisters… well yanno. Maybe, it’s nothing to do with either of those, but, it could have been the island concept. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy a freakin island, right? Okay maybe not.

Perhaps, it’s as simple as the fact that the Protagonist’s love life was in the proverbial crapper? Who hasn’t been there? Naaaa, I’m happily married. Well geez, maybe it was just simply about time, or inevitable that I would read one of her books.

Fisher surprised me with this book. I know she’s written fiction surrounding the world of the Amish, but this book was different. There was a strong sense of family and love and a need for understanding and acceptance. There was a hunky love interest too. <wink, wink, nod, nod>

The series promises to be about the sisters, Camden, Maddie and Blaine, however, this particular first book of said series focuses more on Camden and her dad (Seth *note <wink, wink…blah, blah above) although you clearly are introduced to all three girls.

I found the story dragging at times, it wasn’t unpleasant. AFTER ALL WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO BUY AN ISLAND!!!! With great characters, a strong setting and plot, you can’t  go wrong.

I gave this  book:


That's just wrong!!!!!

Ya, Ya, I know…

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