THE TEMP, by Michelle Frances, Pan Macmillan


You have a successful career, a loving husband and a baby on the way . . . no-one can replace you, can they?

Carrie is a successful TV producer with the perfect husband and the perfect life. But when she falls pregnant, everything threatens to fall apart.

Emma, the temp, is everything she could wish for as her cover: smart, willing and helpful.

But as she charms her way into Carrie’s life, winning over her husband and her colleagues one by one, Carrie suspects Emma is after more than just her job . . .

‘Fans of BBC drama The Replacement will lap up this taut and suspenseful tale’ – Heat

The Temp is a twisting thriller about ambition, deception and betrayal by Michelle Frances, the number one bestselling author of The Girlfriend.

Out November 2018

464 pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

“Oh, the tangled webs we weave…”

The creep factor just got creepier.  This is better than The Girlfriend, and I enjoyed that book!  I won’t give anything away since it is a thriller and the success of a thriller is ‘not knowing’ until it whomps you right between the eyes.  The Temp does just that.

If anything, and this is very minor, I’d reduce this book down by twenty-five to fifty pages for the burn to burn deeper and faster.  Otherwise, excellent work for this fairly new author.  Job well done!  Amazing plot, excellent twists and turns, fantastic character development, lovely thrills and spills and intrigue…

I gave this book:


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