PETALS OF A ROSE, by Alley Mcintosh, Self-Published


This is a collection of poems and short stories about the life of my grandmother which talks about several real world issues with a focus on cancer.

79 Pages

Out June 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I do not normally read poetry unless it’s by a Bronte or other same-era authors. However, I do understand how hard it is to break into the writing world and therefore, I allot myself six poetry books, only by self-published authors, each year. This is one I’ve chosen and I won’t lie, the cover had a lot to do with why I chose it. Secondly, I loved the premise. Those two factors still didn’t make up my mind totally. The book came and  I decided to skim the first few pages. That usually tells me if I’m going to read further.

The first in the book, not really hooking my interest. About to put the thin book down and pass on it, the first paragraph of the following prose caught my eye. It was under the title, “The Nurse and The Deacon.”  By the time I finished reading the story I was smiling. Therein lies the reason for this review.

As I read the stories belonging to this family, I couldn’t help but find myself relating to many of them. Memories are fantastic treasures to own. I have so many good ones from my own childhood, it makes things easier living with such a difficult life as an adult. In fact, I’d go as far as to say, I had a fantastic childhood, thanks to my mom and dad.

Throughout the pages of this book, I could feel the love and happiness, the pain and sadness that this family endured. The author opened a door into lives that only family may know of and willingly shares poignant moments with strangers. The memories will draw the reader inside the room to experience the laughter and joy and love this family truly has for one another.

I am glad I chose this book of prose/poetry to read.

I gave it:




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