HELLO, I’M HERE, by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder, Candlewick Press


A poetic text and wonderfully intimate photographs follow a newborn sandhill crane as it takes its first steps into the world.

Will my legs hold me?
What if I fall?

Peek in as a sandhill crane hatchling makes its first wobbly stand and takes its first steps alongside its brother. With their parents close by, they flap their wings and dance before enjoying a buggy treat. Someday they will fly with the majestic cranes overhead, but for now, Mama’s soft feathers beckon. With a lyrical narrative and lovely photo illustrations, this latest venture from an acclaimed creative team makes a perfect new baby gift — and will appeal to bird lovers, too.

approx. 32 pages

Out March 20, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Helen Frost has worked with photographer, RickLieder on four other collaborations, including Step Gently Out, Sweep Up the Sun, Among a Thousand Fireflies, and Wake Up!

She has other books out as well.  Rick Lieder is also a painter and illustrator. This is a team to pay attention to. What a wonderful combination of verse and photo put together to tell a remarkable story about a baby crane’s entrance into the world and life.

The full-page photos are clear with crisp details giving a wonderful perspective into the life of a little crane from egg to a young bird not quite ready to fly. At the back of the book is a page with more information regarding the Sandhill Crane Families.

Such an enlightening, enduring book, that every child should read. Full of warmth and love, a true gem to hold close to your heart.

I gave it:


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