HOLY SQUAWKAMOLE! LITTLE RED HEN MAKES GUACAMOLE, Retold by Susan Wood, Illustrated by Laura Gonzalez, Sterling Children’s Books


This tasty take on the classic Little Red Hen story has a deliciously spicy twist!

Yum, guacamole! That’s what Little Red Hen craves, and she could use some help gathering and mashing the ingredients. So she asks her friends, including an armadillo, snake, and an iguana, to lend a hand. Everyone just says “no.” But after Little Red Hen works hard to make the scrumptious fresh guac, all the animals want a taste. In a fun departure from the original tale, Little Red Hen cooks up a comeuppance for the slackers that they’ll never forget!

approx. 40 pages

Out March 5, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Okay everyone knows the story of Chicken Little. If you don’t get the book and read it.

This book… what a brilliant and charming retelling of a classic tale. There’s a Spanish spin put on the story with cute creatures prevalent to Mexico. I absolutely loved this story.  You learn a few Spanish words too along the way and food more known for the culture such as tortilla, burrito, taco, etc. At the back of the book is the story of Guacamole and a glossary of terms seen throughout the story.

You even get a recipe!

What a great idea.

The artwork fit the story perfectly, using traditional colors to accent the cultural atmosphere of the book.  The hardcover is a full illustration and an identical copy of the book jacket. All the colors are rich and exuberant.

Susan Wood is an award-winning author of many books for young readers and you can find her books at susanwoodbooks.com

What I found most interesting about the illustrator is that she works in both traditional and digital medium like me!! I haven’t seen too many of us around so finding this out was a thrill.  Laura Gonzalez is a member of the Mexican Association of Illustrators.

You can visit holysquawkamole.com for activities, recipes, and more!

I gave this book:


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