FINDING HOPE AT HILLSIDE FARM, by Rachael Lucas, Panmacmillan, PGC, Raincoast


Finding Hope at Hillside Farm is a heartwarming tale of loss, love and new beginnings by Rachael Lucas. Hillside Farm, nestled in the rolling hills of the Welsh countryside, is a safe haven for Ella. Working with her aunt Bron, she runs her own business, sharing her love of horses to help those in emotional need. Living on the remote farm, and with just the horses and her aunt for company, Ella thinks she has finally found a place where she can forget her own past and find peace. But the arrival of a small girl called Hope and her father Harry changes everything. As Ella helps the pair come to terms with their loss, she realizes she too deserves happiness. But is it too late to find it?


‘A heartwarming and enchanting read that reminds us of the value of patience, kindness and above all love’ – Cathy Bramley

approx. 428 pages

Out December 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a calm, yet a powerful book about healing and restoring trust and believing in yourself again.  There’s a second chance at love and the building and repairing of new friendships and old relationships.

A character-driven story built around very flawed, realistic people who are in great need of healing. The slow unwinding of multi-layered inner problems and steady pacing of a relaxing yet fascinating plotline has the reader turning page after page, anxious to see what is going to happen next.

The setting is a wonderful place filled with animals who are there to help. Beautiful descriptive narrative places horses meant to help in the characters’ development and drive them toward their individual goals. It’s a story of family, forgiveness, second chances and new relationships.

It’s beautiful. The writing is whimsical and light, with strong and heavy meaning between the lines. I could visit Hillside Farm again in another book, should the author decide to write it.

I gave this book:



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