NEVER TO BE TOLD, by Becky Citra, Orca Book Publishers


“A faint sound brushed her ear, and she heard a voice whisper death. She glanced around, astonished. A gentle breeze had picked up, rippling the long grass in the meadows. She frowned. There was no one else there except Ira and Maddy, and the only sound was the rustling of the aspen leaves by the creek.”

Asia has lived with elderly Ira and his wife Maddy for as long as she can remember. She loves their farm at Cold Creek, but when Ira has a heart attack Asia’s world is turned upside down. Distraught at the possibility of losing the only family she has ever known, Asia is firghtened but fascinated by the appearance of a ghost at an abandoned farm – a ghost only Asia can see and hear.

approx. 217 pages

Out 2006


I recently found this book in a local thrift shop and will now give my honest opinion.

I was immediately drawn into the lives of the characters.  Asia is a remarkable girl with a troubled and difficult past.  She knows what family is even though she doesn’t have her parents. She is raised by an elderly couple that love her dearly. When Asia finds out that she has a living biological grandmother, you see the inner struggles of everyone in Asia’s life.

Citra’s characters are realistic, layered, faulty and complicated. I love each one. The supernatural element is perfect for this story and reading level. The mystery element keeps you turning pages and you’ll feel a tear or two on your cheeks. There are two time-lines involved that jump back and forth smoothly.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys wholesome middle-grade readers.

I gave this book:



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