Natalie Barnes buys the Gray Whale Inn, a bed and breakfast in Maine, and publicly opposes Bernard Katz’s proposed resort development, which threatens a colony of black-chinned terns, and when Katz is found dead, Natalie must find the true killer in order to clear her own name.

approx. 281 pages

Out 2008


I found this book at a local thrift shop and will now give it my honest review.

This is the first book of the Gray Whale Inn series and is also the debut novel for this author.

I absolutely loved this book. I enjoyed the MC and her quirky nature and bizarre ability to get herself in trouble. I enjoyed her faults and how she handled herself. The character was flawed and beautiful.  Her driving nature reminded me of myself. She was hard on herself, just like I am at times. So not only was she relatable, she was very realistic.

The setting was beautiful and I imagined myself right there with the MC smelling the sea breeze, hearing the gulls… Perfectly created to compliment the plot. The plot twisted and turned and I didn’t figure out whodunit until right at the end when the final details were exposed to the reader.

There was family drama, a bit of romance and lots of suspense and mystery–a perfect cozy mystery read.  I plan on hunting down all the rest of the books so that I can continue following what’s happening to all these wonderfully developed characters.

At the back of the book are the recipes discussed within the book’s pages.  Yum!

I gave the book:


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