MANITOWAPOW: ABORIGINAL WRITINGS FROM THE LAND OF WATER, by Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair and Warren Cariou, Editors, Forward by Beatrice Mosionier, Highwater Press


This anthology of Aboriginal writings from Manitoba takes readers back through the millennia and forward to the present day, painting a dynamic picture of a territory interconnected through words, ideas, and experiences. A rich collection of stories, poetry, nonfiction, and speeches, it features:

-Historical writings, from important figures.
-Vibrant literary writing by eminent Aboriginal writers.
-Nonfiction and political writing from contemporary Aboriginal leaders.
-Local storytellers and keepers of knowledge from far-reaching Manitoba communities.
-New, vibrant voices that express the modern Aboriginal experiences.
-Anishinaabe, Cree, Dene, Inuit, Métis, and Sioux writers from Manitoba.

Created in the spirit of the Anishinaabe concept debwe (to speak the truth), The Debwe Series is a collection of exceptional Aboriginal writing from across Canada. Manitowapow, a one-of-a-kind anthology, is the first book in The Debwe Series. Manitowapow is the traditional name that became Manitoba, a word that describes the sounds of beauty and power that created the province.

approx. 420 pages

Out February 2012


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is an incredible book. I always say that in order for us, humans, to find out who we are, who our ancestors were, we need to learn to appreciate, listen to and respect the indigenous people of this world.  It is in their ancestors and the stories they passed down generation after generation, that hold clues to this long-suffered mystery.

This anthology of Aboriginal writings from Manatoba takes readers on a journey through past to present day, telling of life and journeys, understandings and ways of life using stories, poetry, nonfiction and speeches.

You’ll discover: Historical writings, Literary writings, Nonfiction and political writings, stories by local storytellers and discover new and vibrant voices that share modern Aboriginal experiences. Share in visions of hope and understandings.

The contents contain:

  1. Forward
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. Traditional System of Writing in Manitowapow
  5. Peguis: Anishinaabe 1774-1864 –  includes two sub-sections
  6. Pierre Falcon: Metis 1793-1876 – includes two sub-sections
  7. Cuthbert James Grant and the Sioux Chiefs: Metis 1793-1854/unknown – includes three sub-sections
  8. Peter Jacobs (Pahtahsega): Anishinaabe/Mississauga 1807-1890 – includes one sub-section
  9. Henry Budd (Sakachuwescam): Cree 1812 – 1875 – includes one sub-section
  10. Louis Riel: Metis 1844-1885 – includes six sub-sections
  11. Gabriel Dumont: Metis 1837-1906 – includes three sub-sections
  12. Harriette Goldsmith Sinclair Cowan:Metis/Cree 1832-1926 – includes four sub-sections
  13. Charles Alexander Eastman (Ohiyesa): Santee Sioux 1858-1939 – includes one sub-section
  14. Kuskapatchees: Swampy Cree 18?? -19?? – includes five sub-sections
  15. William Berens (Tabasigizikweas): Anishinaabe 1866-1947 – includes three sub-sections
  16. Maurice Sanderson: Cree 1877-?? -includes three sub-sections
  17. Alex Grisdale: Anishinaabe 1896-?? – includes three sub-sections
  18. The Dene Elders Project- Dene
  19. Marisis Aze: includes three sub-sections
  20. Bart Dzeylion: includes one sub-section
  21. Helen Joseyounen: includes two sub-sections
  22. Gabriel Tsannie: includes one sub-section
  23. James Redsky (Esquekesik): Anishinaabe 1899-?? – includes one sub-section
  24. Albert Edward Thompson: Cree/Saulteaux 1900-1973 – includes one sub-section
  25. Thomas Boulanger: Cree 1901-?? – includes one sub-section
  26. Norway House Elders: Cree
  27. Irene Muswagon: includes three sub-sections
  28. Tommy York: includes four sub-sections
  29. Ruby Beardy: includes one sub-section
  30. Betsy Muminawatum: includes four sub-sections
  31. David Courchene Sr.: Anishinaabe 1926-1992 – includes two sub-sections
  32. Alice Masak French: Ninatakmuit Inuit 1930-?? – includes one sub-section
  33. Louis Bird (Pennishish): Omushkego Cree 1934-?? – includes three sub-sections
  34. Elders of Moose Lake: Cree – includes four sub-sections
  35. Tobasonakwut Kinew: Anishinaabe 1936-?? – includes one sub-section
  36. Elders of Grand Rapids: Cree – includes three sub-sections
  37. Bernelda Wheeler: Cree/Assiniboine/Saulteaux 1937-2005 – includes two sub-sections
  38. The Prairie Call: includes six sub-sections
  39. Citizens of Camperville: Meti – includes one sub-section
  40. George Morrissette: Metis 1938-?? – includes two sub-sections
  41. Doris Young: Cree 1940 -?? – includes one sub-section
  42. Theodore Fontaine: Anishinaabe 1941-?? – includes one sub-section
  43. Marie Annharte (nee Baker): Anishinaabe 1942-?? – includes five sub-sections
  44. Jackson Beardy: Anishinaabe/Cree 1944-1984 – includes three sub-sections
  45. Phil Fontaine: Anishinaabe 1944-?? – includes one sub-chapter
  46. Joe Mclellan and Matrine Therriault: Metis 1945 and Anishinaabe/Cree 1946 – includes one sub-section
  47. Ovide Mercredi: Cree 1946-?? – includes one sub-section
  48. Elijah Harper: Cree 1949-?? – includes one sub-section
  49. Charles Nelson (Mizhakwanigiizhik): Anishinaabe 1949-?? – includes one sub-section
  50. Emma Larocque: Plains Cree Metis 1949-?? – includes three sub-sections
  51.  Beatrice Mosionier: Metis 1949-?? – includes two sub-sections
  52. Patricia Ningewance: Anishinaabe 1951-?? – includes two sub-sections
  53. Murray Sinclair: Anishinaabe 1951-?? – includes one sub-section
  54. Inmates at Stony Mountain Institution: Anonymous – includes three sub-sections
  55. Tomson Highway: Cree 1951-?? – includes three sub-sections
  56. Duncan Mercredi: Cree/Metis 1951-?? – includes five sub-sections
  57. Lorraine Mayer: Metis 1953-?? – includes two sub-sections
  58. Marvin Francis: Cree 1955-2005 – includes five sub-sections
  59. Ila Bussidor: Dene 1955-?? – includes one sub-section
  60. Douglas Nepinak: Saulteaux 1960-2005 – includes three sub-sections
  61. Darrell Racine: Metis 1960-?? – includes one sub-section
  62. Joanne Arnott: Metis 1960-?? – includes one sub-section
  63. Brenda Isabel Wastasecoot: Cree 1963-?? – includes one sub-section
  64. Jordan Wheeler: Cree/Anishinaabe/Assiniboine 1964-?? -includes one sub-section
  65. Cheryl Smoke: Dakota Sioux 1964-?? – includes one sub-section
  66. Trevor Greyeyes: Anishinaabe 1964-?? – includes one sub-section
  67. David Mcleod: Anishinaabe/Metis 1964-?? – includes three sub-sections
  68. Paul Depasquale: Haudenosaunee 1965-?? – includes two sub-sections
  69. Shayla Elizabeth: Cree 1965-?? – includes one sub-section
  70. Gregory Scofield: Cree/Metis 1966-?? – includes three sub-sections
  71. Warren Cariou: Metis 1966-?? – includes one sub-section
  72. Gilbert James Fredette: Cree/Innu 1966-?? – includes two sub-sections
  73. Randy Lundy: Cree 1967-?? – includes four sub-sections
  74. Ian Ross: Anishinaabe 1968-?? – includes three sub-sections
  75. Nichola Tookoome Batzel: Inuk 1970-?? – includes one sub-section
  76. Columpa C. Bobb: Coast Salish 1971-?? – includes one sub-section
  77. Nahanni Fontaine: Anishinaabe 1971-?? – includes one sub-section
  78. Rosanna Deerchild: Cree 1972-?? – includes four sub-sections
  79. Colleen Simard: Anishinaabe/Cree 1972-?? – includes two sub-sections
  80. Maeengan Linklater: Anishinaabe 1974-?? – includes one sub-section
  81. Althea Guiboche: Cree/Saulteaux 1974-?? – includes two sub-sections
  82. Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair: Anishinaabe 1976-?? – includes one sub-section
  83. Donna Beyer: Cree/Anishinaabe 1976-?? – includes two sub-sections
  84. Clayton Thomas-Muller: Cree 1977-?? – includes one sub-section
  85. Ryan McMahon: Anishinaabe/Metis 1977-?? – includes one sub-section
  86. Katherena Vermette: Metis 1977-?? – includes one sub-section
  87. David Alexander Robertson: Swampy Cree 1977-?? – includes one sub-section
  88. Wabanakwut (Wab) Kinew: Anishinaabe 1981-?? – includes one sub-section
  89. Julie Lafreniere: Metis 1982-?? – includes one sub-section
  90. Jennifer Storm: Anishinaabe 1986-?? – includes one sub-section
  91. Susanne Morrissette: Metis 1987-?? – includes one sub-section
  92. Rebecca Kantimere: Anishinaabe 1989-?? – includes one sub-section
  93. Alyssa Bird: Cree/Anishinaabe 1993-?? includes one sub-section


Thematic Index

Each section introduces the author and then in the sections following that, there’s a sample or samples of their work in the sub-sections. This is a historical gold mine for those who write about Aboriginal history, legends and folklore. It will be staying on my resource shelf for future use.

I gave this book:



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