FIRE STARTERS,THE DEBWE SERIES, by Jen Storm, Illustrated by Scott Henderson, Colour by Donovan Yaciuk, Highwater Press


Looking for a little mischief after discovering an old flare gun, Ron and Ben find themselves in trouble when the local gas bar on Agamiing Reserve goes up in flames, and they are wrongly accused of arson by the sheriff’s son. As the investigation goes forward, community attitudes are revealed, and the truth slowly comes to light.

Fire Starters is one book in The Debwe Series.

approx. 56 pages

Out December 2016


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Now we have a dynamic trio! Author Jen Storm teams up with the amazing illustrator Scott B. Henderson and colour artist Donovan Yaciuk.

First, I’d like to note that this is not a middle-grade read but more intended for the young adult group of readers. The artwork is fantastic and greatly compliments Storm’s story.

Now to the content. I found that toward the end, as the conflict and tension continued to build, I was ready for an explosion. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Between the last few pages, it felt like something was missing. Now, don’t get me wrong, the story is still good, I just wish there was more from the time the Sheriff found out the truth about his son, the results or consequences of his son lying and how it affected everyone. More was needed to include the rising emotional turmoil which I’m sure would have been there under the circumstances. I believe the story would have transitioned better in the end, if more was included.

Overall, this story was interesting, informative and very beautifully illustrated. I still recommend it to all.

I gave this book:


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