A BLANKET OF BUTTERFLIES, THE DEBWE SERIES, by Richard Van Camp, Illustrated by Scott. B. Henderson, Highwater Press


A Blanket of Butterflies explores the journey of Shinobu, a mysterious stranger who visits Fort Smith, NWT, to retrieve his family’s samurai suit of armor and sword from the local museum. When he discovers that his grandfather’s sword has been lost in a poker game to the man they call “Benny the Bank,” he sets out to retrieve it with the help of a young boy, Sonny, and his grandmother. Together, they face Benny and his men, Torchy, Sfen and the giant known as Flinch, and come to an unexpected realization.

This graphic novel, beautifully illustrated by Scott B. Henderson, explores the grace of family and of trusting the power of the spirit world.

A Blanket of Butterflies is the fourth title in The Debwe Series.

approx. 48 pages

Out October 2015


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

So now you have two greats teamed up, Richard Van Camp and Scott B. Henderson. In keeping with the series theme, Henderson does this incredible job illustrating such a powerful and emotional book.  The faces of the characters is so realistic, you can feel what they are feeling just by looking at them. The details and talent shown this time is fantastic. The illustrations are also black and white.

I’ve followed this series and feel the tension building with each added edition. The story is engaging and kept my attention throughout. I loved seeing these two together and look forward to seeing more of their united work.

Book Trailer:

Well done!

You really need to go and check Henderson out here at his website. He’s done a lot of work for the Canadian Air Force’s, For Valour series, and Tales From Big Spirit Series, the graphic novel series 7 Generations (which I’ve reviewed), A Girl Called Echo (one of my favorites, also reviewed), Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story and Fire Starters (which I’ve reviewed). In 2016, he was the recipient of the C4 Central Canada Con Storyteller Award.

Scott B. Henderson is author/illustrator of the sci-fi/fantasy comic, The Chronicles of Era. Go check him out.

I gave this book:


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