TRAPPED IN A VIDEO GAME, BOOK ONE, By Dustin Brady, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Jesse Rigsby doesn’t even like video games. Yet, here he is with a blaster stuck to his arm, a man-sized praying mantis thing chasing him and…is that the Statue of Liberty taking off like a rocket ship? Something weird is going on, and Jesse had better figure out what it is fast, because he’s about to be trapped for good.

Trapped in a Video Game is the first in a series of fast-paced, funny thrillers that will entertain kids, middle-schoolers and even adults.

Out 2016

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I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Exciting! Excellent for seven to ten year old boys (and girls). Wouldn’t it be fun to get trapped in a video game? I think so! This adventure is creative and fun and a lesson of what friendship is about.

Graphics are included and cleverly illustrated to compliment the story.  This is the first book of a series; I will be reviewing the second book separately.  I would recommend parent and child reading this book together for family quality time and perhaps, a way to expand and improve on the reading skills of their child.

The premise is what drew me to this series and the author kept the language easy to follow along. The world building is appropriate for this level of reading and wording targeting a chapter book readership.

The dialogue has fun and laugh out loud moments and the characters, Jesse and Eric are developed perfectly with antics to keep the story moving forward at a nice pace!

I gave this book:




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