LONELY PLANET GLOBAL COFFEE TOUR, Lonely Planet, Lonely Planet Global Limited


Packed with over 150 amazing coffee experiences in 37 countries, from its birthplace in East Africa, to modern-day Cuba, the United States, Australia and the UK, this follow-up to our hugely popular Global Beer Tour features legendary espresso bars, plantation tours, urban roasteries and must-visit cafes.

Inside this definitive guide to coffee tasting around the world, you’ll discover exactly where to go and what to try, plus illustrated spreads on roasting coffee, cocktails, brewing techniques and more. The places you’ll learn about in Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour and visit aren’t just cafes – they’re meccas for coffee lovers, offering insight into the local culture and the history, personalities, passion and creativity behind each coffee.

Published May 1, 2018


I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review.

If you love coffee and want to learn more about it origins, the different flavors and types out there, this book will give you all that and so much more. If you travel and want to know where to get the best coffee on your trip, then bring this book along.  There is so much information about coffee and tips, locations, photos, how-to’s and more.  I leave this book on my coffee table for others to enjoy too!

I think every coffee shop should have this book at the counter to sell.  You’ll be amazed how useful and informative this little book is.

I gave it:


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