RED ROVER: CURIOSITY ON MARS, by Richard Ho, Illustrated by Katherine Roy, Roaring Brook Press, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group


On a planet far, far away, one pioneer explores a vast frontier. Many others have come before it seeking an answer to Mars’s many secrets, and the little rover is no different. It plays games.

It looks for water.

And it waits…

…for the next one to come to Mars to explore.

Join Curiosity on its journey across the red planet in this innovative and dynamic nonfiction picture book by journalist Richard Ho, illustrated by Sibert Honor winner Katherine Roy.

Out October 2019

44 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I found this book very interesting and coming out at a good time, considering all the discussions going on right now about humans traveling to Mars one day soon. It’s an amazing amount of information in such a thin book aimed at kids. You learn about Curiosity, the last of the rovers to land on Mars. You learn about how it functions, what it does and how it does it. There’s a diagram that shows the parts of the rover.

You learn about the previous rovers such as the Viking 1, and Spirit. Through curiosity, Earth learns about Mars, its storms, its surface, color and content. There’s a centre pull-out poster to give you a better view of Mars and the rover. Towards the back of the book, there’s an itemized list about Mars’ key points to remember.

Finally, there’s a write-up about curiosity in greater detail from when it began its exploration of Mars on August 6, 2012. Then, there’s a write-up of each of curiosity’s ‘friends.’

I enjoyed this book. It will make a great resource material for any library or just a source of entertainment and learning for curious young minds.

I gave it:



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