With this gem of a book, readers are invited to trust their instincts — and play — as they follow the advice of an award-winning collage artist.

Whether using dried flowers or tiny shells, spaghetti or postage stamps, Jeannie Baker draws from the world around her to make work that is singularly beautiful and imaginative. Incorporating a wide range of textures, her arresting collage pieces have earned her international acclaim. Now she shares her secrets and encourages readers to get creative: each of the four main sections in Playing with Collage presents an abstract collage by the artist and offers suggestions and starting points for anyone aspiring to master the art.

Out October 2019

44 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a fascinating book geared toward older kids. I would recommend it to those ages twelve and up. Even adults would enjoy this book.

Creating art using natural items found all over our planet is such a rich and rewarding accomplishment. Using all kinds of different colors, textures, textiles and combinations, the author shows you how to create stunning collages that could be framed and hung in your home to match décor, or, used to make very beautiful gifts for others. It’s a perfect gift for artsy folks like myself.

Plenty inside its covers to inspire new creations. There’s all kinds of art made with different items, many common items seen and found anywhere. Lots of great ideas too.

The author provides very clear and precise instructions and diagrams to follow, making color and texture pairings and suggestions as she moves the creator along. She helps you to identify things you can use from locations nearby such as from woods, fields, beaches or even from your very own kitchen. She tells you about the tools to use and even gives some tips on how to make the best collages that you can.

I gave this book:


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