LIVING LIES, HARBORED SECRETS, by Natalie Walters, Revell, Baker Publishing Group


In the little town of Walton, Georgia, everybody knows your name–but no one knows your secret. At least that’s what Lane Kent is counting on when she returns to her hometown with her five-year-old son. Dangerously depressed after the death of her husband, Lane is looking for hope. What she finds instead is a dead body.

Lane must work with Walton’s newest deputy, Charlie Lynch, to uncover the truth behind the murder. But when that truth hits too close to home, she’ll have to decide if saving the life of another is worth the cost of revealing her darkest secret.

Debut novelist Natalie Walters pulls you to the edge of your seat on the first page and keeps you there until the last in this riveting story that will have you believing no one is defined by their past.

338 Pages

Out May, 2019


I received this book in exchange  for my honest review.

You know you’ve found yourself an excellent debut writer you’ll want to follow when you’ve turned the last page and then look at the back cover and wish you could read more when you discover that that’s it! (until the next book 🙂 that is)

Very well paced, full of nail-biting moments and great edge-of-your-seat navigating through arm-loads of suspense and thrilling rides. I read this book in one sitting and loved every moment of it.

Topics like small-town living (and mindedness) and chronic depression are developed perfectly and elaborated upon and characters multi-layered and flawed, full of warts and quirks that cause you to want to read on and on to learn as much as you can about them. Lots of crazy happenings to creep you out too. You won’t be disappointed with this book or the author!

Can’t wait to see what the author is going to write next!




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