The history of NASA’s Apollo program from Earth orbital missions to lunar landings in a propulsive nonfiction narrative.

Only now, it is becoming clear how exceptional and unrepeatable Apollo was. At its height, it employed almost half a million people, many working seven days a week and each determined that “it will not fail because of me.”

Beginning with fighter pilots in World War II, Maurer traces the origins of the Apollo program to a few exceptional soldiers, a Nazi engineer, and a young eager man who would become president.

Packed with adventure, new stories about familiar people, and undeniable danger, Destination Moon takes an unflinching look at a tumultuous time in American history, told expertly by nonfiction author Richard Maurer.

Out June 2019

400 pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a non fiction written and focusing on the behind the scenes events that occurred before, during and after the Apollo 11 flight and the tumultuous time surrounding such a historical event.

Loaded with fascinating photos to compliment the story, lots of information about  individuals that were clearly important to the project, a nice WWII tie-in, lots on how politics and social aspects of the times affected how things were dealt with and great highlights on people like Braun.

Awesome source of information, and actually extremely interesting for anyone who likes behind the scenes stories and historical biographies.  Lot of  information for students and adult historians. The  story is paced well and plotted out perfectly.

I highly recommend this book, especially now, when there’s lots of talk about a manned spaceflight to Mars.

I gave it:4_5_StarRating


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