LITTLE LUNCH: TRIPLE TREATS, by Danny Katz and Mitch Vane, Candlewick Press (On TV Now!)


Three bite-size stories kick off a series based on a popular TV show about all the fun (and maybe a little trouble) that happens at snack time.

Little Lunch — aka snack time — is only fifteen minutes long, but it’s always full of surprises. In this trio of tales, Rory forgets his snack and does something that shocks everyone, Battie thinks he might have ruined Grandparents Day, and Melanie decides to hold a bake sale to raise money for homeless puppies . . . but the only thing she’s selling is a lumpy cake that smells weird. Who knew so much could happen in fifteen minutes? Based on the hit Australian TV series picked up by Universal Kids and Netflix, Little Lunch is a little silly — and a lot of fun.

Out June 2019

112 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

So this is an interesting little book.  Strangely enough, it brought back a few memories of my own childhood, in particular, a food fight I ended up in the middle of. So I must share:

I was in high school, grade nine. The night before, my mom and I had gone shopping for  new clothes. Naturally, I wore them the next day to school. So there I was, having lunch in the cafeteria, finishing up and waiting on my next class to start. I decided to throw my garbage away and stood up picking up my tray, and…



A raw egg came out of nowhere and smashed me in the side of the head.  I had really long hair then, so all the goo and egg white/yoke slid down my hair and yup, right down the front of my new top and pants and inside my bra.

I was knocked silly and needed to sit down.  A raw egg whipped at someone at a high rate of speed hurts! Sadly, I was not the intended victim and what started out as fun and laughter, soon change in tone.  Imagine the thrower’s surprise at missing his easy target and hitting my noggin instead. Unfortunately for him, the principal happened to come into the cafeteria at the same time and witnessed all.  The lad was in deeeep twubble!

I was allowed to go home, I had to walk a couple of miles, by the time I got home, the egg had cooked up nicely in the sun.  When I got home, my mom freaked out at the mess.  We weren’t considered well off, so new clothes covered in goop, and being sent home early… it didn’t go well. I found out later that my dad worked with the thrower’s dad. That would explain the thrower suddenly showing up at my front door to apologize the next day after school (he’d been suspended for a few days).

So this book stirred up a lot of memories I had forgotten. I must note that a lot of it, almost all of it centers around food and the antics surrounding food. It’s filled with lots of humor, great fun and triggers that may or may not bring about memories for any adults who dare to read it!

I gave it:




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