BEAR’S BOOK, by Claire Freedman, Illustrated by Alison Friend, Templar Books


When Bear’s favorite book of stories falls apart, he is determined to write one of his own. He ventures into the forest for inspiration, but writing is harder than he thinks, and he soon discovers that he needs help from his friends. See how Bear transforms their day into a wonderful adventure in this story about creativity and friendship.

Out May 14, 2019

34 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

What a clever picture book! I love the artwork! The story is fantastic. A bear with writer’s block finally figures out what to write thanks to his friends. When finally he creates a fun story, this reader falls in love with how the publisher displays it! Genius! You have a story of friendship, problem solving and presto magico–a nice surprise!

Kids like sudden surprises that pop up, or show up, or they find unexpectedly within the covers of a book.  This book holds a surprise sure to please any book reader (it made my day!) The hardcover and book jacket share the same artwork. This is a great creative team and I hope they work together again real soon! You never know, this book might inspire a child to write their own book! 🙂

This book, is going in my personal collection!


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