KAHLO’S KOALAS, 1,2,3, COUNT ART WITH ME, Illustrated by Grace Helmer, Edited by Jocelyn Norbury, Designed by Jack Clucas, Andrews McMeel Publishing


From Henri Matisse’s monkeys and Jackson Pollock’s poodles to Roy Lichtenstein’s llamas and Wassily Kandinsky’s kangaroos, this beautiful 1-10 counting book provides an imaginative learning experience that will appeal to adults and children alike.

Introduce your little one to some of the world’s best artists while teaching them their numbers 1 to 10. With illustrator Grace Helmer’s quirky renderings of animals in the style of world-famous artists, Kahlo’s Koalas extends the basic counting concept in a simple, one number, one image per spread format that introduces the smallest children to their first concept of numbers, animals and art appreciation.

approx. 24 pages

Out April 9, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a beautifully illustrated board book highlighting some of the greatest artists throughout history. Brilliant colors, fascinating animals and easy to follow along counting, all perfect for that first-time reader.  A great tool for mom or dad to read to their little tot to introduce both art and counting.

Easy to handle, thick board stock pages and great for quality time between child and parent. The animals will grab the tot’s attention, large numbers will help the child to associate verbal recognition with visual aids, while words that begin with similar sounds will create fun interactions increasing learning curves. Perfect!

I gave this book:




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