A NEW HOME, by Tania de Regil, Candlewick Press


As a girl in Mexico City and a boy in New York City ponder moving to each other’s locale, it becomes clear that the two cities — and the two children — are more alike than they might think.

But I’m not sure I want to leave my home.
I’m going to miss so much.

Moving to a new city can be exciting. But what if your new home isn’t anything like your old home? Will you make friends? What will you eat? Where will you play? In a cleverly combined voice — accompanied by wonderfully detailed illustrations depicting parallel urban scenes — a young boy conveys his fears about moving from New York City to Mexico City while, at the same time, a young girl expresses trepidation about leaving Mexico City to move to New York City. Tania de Regil offers a heartwarming story that reminds us that home may be found wherever life leads. Fascinating details about each city are featured at the end.

approx. 32 pages

Out April 9, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the artwork for this book, but after turning the pages, I am happy to say… they’re brilliant! However, the most important thing, I feel, is the message this book conveys, especially with the way some countries are struggling with political and social issues.

These two children show that their homes are not really different from the other, each child sharing similar lifestyles, friends, interests, school activities, etc. This book also shows how children from different cities/homes tend to worry about the same things, about how similar we all are regardless of where we’re from.

The artwork compliments the story perfectly, the artist’s clearly developed illustrations, some showing great details, are a needed touch to convey the emotional writing in the important message that the author is sharing.

I love the cover book jacket and think this book should be school libraries everywhere. It contains a reality that must be shared. At the back of the book is a bit of information about both cities and popular places to visit.

I gave this book:


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