Fourteen-year-old Peter Green can’t remember how he died.
All he has are his pajamas, a silk tie, and a one-way bus ticket to Mrs. Battisworth’s Academy and Haven for Unliving Boys and Girls, a strange and spooky school for dead orphans like himself. But that’s all he needs: the Unliving Academy has everything, from vampires in the hallways, to monsters in the cafeteria, to ghosts in the basement.

And that’s just the teachers; the students are far stranger.

As Pete learns to fit in with his new supernatural schoolmates, he starts to discover his own uniquely undead abilities, and even begins enjoying his life after death…but he just can’t shake the feeling that he’s forgotten something (or somebody!) important.

Somebody he left behind in the land of the living.

Somebody he loved very much.

Somebody who’s in terrible danger.

Peter Green and the Unliving Academy is the captivating first installment of Angelina Allsop’s Unliving series of young adult fantasy novels. If you like reading about fun-filled adventures, fully realized new worlds, and the most unlikely of heroes, you’re sure to love Allsop’s spirited coming-of-age tale.

Fans of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, the Charlie Bone Series by Jenny Nimmo, and The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton will enjoy this young adult fantasy series.

You’ll love the Peter Green series if you like reading these types of books:

Young adult and YA fantasy novels
Ghosts, zombies, and mythical beasts
Young adult adventure stories

approx. 299 pages

Out November 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

So to begin, this book is not a young adult read. The main character, although written as a fourteen-year-old, is most certainly described and acts as an eleven or twelve-year-old would, or should. Too many things happen, and the way the MC relates to them suggest a very, very immature young lad. His emotional and behavioral levels suggest a younger character.

With that aside, the author’s imagination shows no limitations. Her creative characters and magical, fantastical beings along with a superb setting, make for a great read, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The book could have been edited once more to catch a few more issues; and, there were a few unanswered plot issues that remained unresolved by the end of the book suggesting to me that another is on its way. After all, this is a “chronicles.”

I can see a middle-grade readership loving this story and following the series. As previously stated, there are a few issues with the book, but not enough of a concern in this particular instance, for me to drop a few stars.  I imagine as the author continues writing, there will be an improvement over the little things that I noticed.

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