GOOD DOG, MCTAVISH, by Meg Rosoff, Illustrated by Grace Easton, Candlewick Press


The Peachey family is in crisis. No one cooks dinner, no one picks up the dirty washing and the kids are always late for school. All because Mum has resigned from being Mum and taken up yoga instead. She’s in the tree pose; everyone else is in the doghouse. Except for McTavish, a rescue dog with a difference, on a mission to sort his new family out…Filled to the brim with Meg’s wry humor and beautiful prose, this is a story for the young and the young at heart.

approx. 112 pages

Out April 15th, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a great chapter book, for ages seven to ten. Lots of humor and fun, crazy antics and silliness galore. Fun illustrations accompany the story giving added enjoyment.

Good mothers everywhere do what they can, sometimes it seems like everything, for their families and their efforts, are often unappreciated. No thank yous or offers to help can make a mother feel like “Molly The Maid” instead of mom. When Ma Peachey reaches her breaking point, she goes on strike to show her family just how much she’s been doing for them and how much they’ve taken her for granted.

A dog is brought into the family, McTavish. This clever dog soon teaches the family how to do things for themselves, such as preparing meals, doing the wash. The children, in turn, realize just how much mom did for them and they begin to appreciate her more.

A very wise book to teach appreciation, independence and how to chip in with family chores so that everyone is contributing to the family, not just one.

I gave this insightful book:


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