ADAGIO OF AWAKENING, by Brett J. Baker, Royal Crown Press


Brett Baker is an independent author and publisher, and is a graduate of the University of Colorado. He is unmarried, and he lives in Denver, CO. For more information about Brett or his books, please visit

Rin and Lexi Halloran were just two ordinary teens growing up in Chicago. Then they were abducted from their boarding school, and that’s when things got really strange. They awoke to find a mysterious man named Watanabe rescuing them from a heavily guarded warehouse, and that rescue sets them on a journey of adventure that will reveal just what a wonderfully weird place the multiverse is. But Rin keeps hearing this music wherever she goes. What is the significance of the music? Who do the men who were guarding the warehouse where they were kept work for? And who is Watanabe? The fate of the world just might hang in the balance as they search for answers.

approx. 292 pages

Out January 27th, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a new series by this author, his first being:

The Freeworlds Chronicles, Vol 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Abby Ashford was a student at the Psion Academy, a school dedicated to training the young and talented to become psions – telepathic and telekinetic warriors who dedicate their lives in service to the United Freeworlds. However, Abby proved to be a bit of a handful at the academy, and her life took a dramatic turn when she was shipped out to learn from Master Jax Idor as his apprentice.

But Abby’s time in training may prove to be short-lived. There is a crisis brewing on the planet of Mentallos – an influential member of the Freeworlds. Can Master Idor and Abby contain the situation? Or will they find themselves overhwelmed?

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Although I only read book one this series, I found it very well done and exciting to read. Read my review here

Song of the Multiverse series:

  • Volume I: Adagio of Awakening
  • Volume II: Alegro of War
  • Volume III: Coda of Ascendance
  • Volume IV: Overture of Destiny
  • Volume V: Aria of Truth
  • Volume VI: Anthem of Hope

This would appear to be Baker’s next series.  I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I had the pleasure of previously reading Baker’s writing and was pleasantly surprised and entertained by his work and the concept for his first series. Song of the Multiverse is Baker’s second attempt at a series.

I think of Baker as a new indie author with a unique author’s voice. There are small things that I’m certain will work their way out of his writing as he continues to create, things such as editing and grammar issues. Setting those things aside, I find Baker’s characters layered and complicated. They develop nicely as they struggle toward their ultimate goals, growing from experience and tribulations. I find it interesting that Baker chooses female MCs and would like to see him write male MCs in the future to truly highlight his ability to develop realistic, strong and complex characters, that are brilliantly flawed and layered with inner struggles and complexities, those similar to the male characters I was fortunate enough to glimpse upon in his first series.  They were extraordinary.

I like the general concept of this first novel in the series. It shows Baker’s creativeness in setting and the build-up of suspense and mystery. I would really like to see more of this as the series progresses.

The story paces well, the plot unfolds with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged to the end.  There’s a bit of cleanup needed in the ending to set up the next book properly and I really can’t wait to see what happens to these characters in the next book. I miss the great covers that Baker chose for the first series, they really reflected the work better, but I’ll give Baker the benefit of the doubt and wait to see what he has in mind with the presentation of his work.

I would urge Baker not to rush his work. It will get out there soon enough.  He needs to concentrate on presenting the best of himself as the series progresses and not forego editing and set-up in the hope of fast delivery. There is a lot of potential in this author and I urge him to continue following his dream of writing as this reader is certain she will continue following his work.

Overall intriguing and creative.




During our communications, I asked Brett if he would mind sharing his thought process for this new series. This is what he said!

“As for my thought process:

When I originally set out to write a new series, I kind of wanted to create something that touched on the multidimensional themes that drove writers like Roger Zelazny and Michael Moorcock. I adored both their series “Chronicles of Amber,” and the Elric of Melnibone series respectively, and the multiverses that were born out of them. But when I was trying to figure out how to put my own spin on them, I decided to look to my own life.

The two main characters, Rin and Lexi were inspired by my younger sisters Elizabeth and Rebecca who were identical twins, although the differences between Rin ans Lexi are greatly exaggerated by comparison. Rin is quiet, introspective, and thoughtful, and she kind of lives in her own internal world, while Lexi is outgoing, charismatic, and athletic. My real-life sisters are both introverted and alike in so many ways.

The third main character who rounds out our trio of protagonists is Watanabe, who rescues them from stasis at the beginning of the book. He was more of a wild card. I needed a male presence to offset Rin and Lexi, and so rather than being inspired by somebody I knew in real life, Watanabe started out by becoming what I needed him to be. But his role in the story, at least in the first book is most pivotal, as he has the most history with the setting.

Adagio of Awakening is a coming of age story as Rin and Lexi have their eyes opened to this weird and wonderful place called the multiverse. The first book especially deals with the interpersonal dynamic between the three protagonists as they find themselves and the world caught in the conflict between two great powers that are vying to control the destiny of all universes. The whole 6-volume series was actually written in 2015 and early 2016, but books 2-6 are still in various stages of editing. It’s my hope to get the first 3 out this year, so fingers crossed. Hope you enjoy reading them!”



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