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“ In this touching, often humorous and very personal account, Bernie shares his 86 years of life, love, loss and laughter as an inspirational guide to what it means to age without growing old. His advice on love after 60, how to talk with family members about illness, what you should be prepared for when confronting tragedy and loss, what it means to be a caregiver to a loved one and many other of life’s challenges are a must for family members young and old. Mr. Otis’ book is a treasure trove of personal and professional life experiences that will help you prepare for old age and take control of the nature of aging. Be prepared to laugh out loud and quietly shed a tear as Bernie takes you through the voyage of life.”


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

One thing most people dread is getting old and facing what it means when old age approaches.  In this book the author gives advice on the role of caregiver, financial preparations and finances during old age.  He provides examples of situations that support his commentary.

Bernard S. Otis is now gone, joining his lovely wife that he so evidently loved and missed.  His legacy left for those fifty years of age and older to read is something that shouldn’t be passed over.  His advice is sound and written often with humor about growing old.

His own personal experiences shed a lot of light on aging and what to expect and the many hardships he faced along his own journey.

This book is well-written, full of wisdom that all can benefit from, and something that every person should eventually read, after all, we all grow old regardless of how much we choose to deny or ignore this fact.

There are many different chapters:

My Name is Bernard Otis. What’s Yours?

Talk to Your Children. They Will Appreciate It Later On.

Practice Good Health So You Can Remain Active.

Time Flies.  Be Sure to Make Every Moment Count

Life is Not a Battle. It is a Journey.

The Sense of Sight Affects All That We Do.

Don’t Die Before You Have To.

Although It is Best to Let Others Be The Judge.

The Greatest Myth of All – “I Did It All By Myself.”

Don’t Ever Give Up. Choose Life.

Life is a Challenge Worth Pursuing.

No Matter Your Age, Life Ends When You Stop Living It.

Relationships Are One of Our More Valuable Assets.

Our Family’s Important As We Age.

Do Not Store Your Aging Loved Ones Away.

Always Help Others Create Happy Paths.

Companionship and Love Are Not Just For The Young.

Recognizing The Need to Give Up Our Independence.

As We Deal With Our Aging or Serious Illness Issues.

Understanding What Care Facilities Are Available.

Every Aging Person Needs and Advocate.

Medical Alert Systems Are Essential.

Finding Ways to Deal With The Loss of Sight.

Knowing Your Meaning of Life Contributes to a Happy Journey.

Knowing Your Meaning of Life, Part Deux.

Medication and Mindfulness Can Make Life’s Journey.

Don’t Let Technology Control Your Life.

Decisions We Make Can Affect Our Happiness.

Do Not Let Petty Issues Destroy Personal Relationships.

Early Preparation for The Trip’s End Makes The Arrival.

The Loss of a Loved One Should Cause a Celebration of Their Life.

The Time Between Birth and Death Should Be Filled With Joy.

Just a perfect book.

I gave it:

five star rating

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