THE HOUSE OF ONE THOUSAND EYES, by Michelle Barker, Annick Press


Who can Lena trust to help her find out the truth? Life in East Germany in the early 1980s is not easy for most people, but for Lena, it’s particularly hard. After the death of her parents in a factory explosion and time spent in a psychiatric hospital recovering from the trauma, she is sent to live with her stern aunt, a devoted member of the ruling Communist Party. Visits with her beloved Uncle Erich, a best-selling author, are her only respite. But one night, her uncle disappears without a trace. Gone also are all his belongings, his books, and even his birth records. Lena is desperate to know what happened to him, but it’s as if he never existed. The worst thing, however, is that she cannot discuss her uncle or her attempts to find him with anyone, not even her best friends. There are government spies everywhere. But Lena is unafraid and refuses to give up her search, regardless of the consequences. This searing novel about defiance, courage, and determination takes readers into the chilling world of a society ruled by autocratic despots, where nothing is what it seems.

Out September 11, 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Wow!  This is a book that will stay with me for a long time. You need to get this and read it. I cannot imagine living the life that Lena, the main character is forced to live.  Having to watch everything, from what you say to what you do… to be so restricted with thoughts, words and feelings… just blows my mind. No one should have to live like that.

Lena starts off so diminutive and then continues to grow in character throughout the book. Determined to find her loving uncle, she sets out on a dangerous journey of discovery, and for the reader, creates an immersive experience that introduces nuance characters. The facts in the book are well researched and truly unbelievable at times, but are indeed factual.

Both intriguing and deserving, this story needed to be told. It is compelling in Lena’s tribulations and sad to even be a part of human history. (WWII) I absolutely enjoyed the story and will probably re-read it again in the near future.

I gave it:

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