SCHOOL OF CHARM, Lisa Ann Scott, Katherine Tegen Books


Who’s got time for hair curlers and high heels when you’re busy keeping baby turtles alive?

Chip has always been a tree-climbin’, fish-catchin’ daddy’s girl. When Daddy dies, Mama moves her and her sisters south to Grandma’s house and Chip struggles to find her place in a family full of beauty queens.

Just when she’s wishing for a sign from Daddy that her new life’s going to work, Chip discovers Miss Vernie’s School of Charm. Could unusual pageant lessons and secrets be the key to making Chip’s wishes a reality?

Out February 2014


I picked up this book at a local thrift shop to read and review.

Be prepared to bring out the tissue box!

I don’t usually gravitate toward books written in the 70’s, but this book reeled me in hook, line and sinker.  When tragedy strikes, tomboy “Chip” is taken away from her home during a move by her mother to go live with her grandmother in North Carolina.

Right away, Chip doesn’t feel part of the family since grandma gravitates toward her sister and beauty contests.  However soon Miss Vernie’s School of Charm is discovered by Chip and everything changes.  She discovers that becoming someone you’re not, doesn’t always help you to fit in and that it’s far better to just be yourself.

Excellent book, highly recommended, lots of tears, many tissues used.

I gave this book:


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