A FAR, FAR BETTER THING TO DO, A Lit Lover’s Activity Book, by Joelle Herr, Illustrated by Lindsey Spinks, Running Press


Nothing captures the imagination quite like classic literature — the warmth of Little Women, the mystery of Dracula, and the heart-racing suspense of Moby Dick have inspired generations of readers. A Far, Far Better Thing to Do pairs these treasured books with a witty, light-hearted sensibility, giving lit lovers 65 engaging activities to tease their brains and unleash their creativity. From word searches and connect-the-dots to coloring pages and quizzes, these charming activities infuse our best-loved texts with a fresh, modern spin and just the right level of challenge. A celebration of reading — and readers — A Far, Far Better Thing to Do is sure to delight bookworms of all ages!


I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book, I’d heard so much about it!  If you love classics, if you love books, literary fiction, puzzles, coloring, and challenges, then this book is for you.  It’s all about literary things/books.

There are word searches, crosswords, dot puzzles, mazes, matching and other games and… coloring.  There are thought provoking challenges, things that peak your interest with tidbits of information provided so that you’ll want to research more.  It’s a wonderful idea and about time too! I would say it’s for middle-grade kids to adults. All the answers are at the back if you get stumped!

I love the cover, it’s Victorian style and pictures are lovely.  The whole package is worth the purchase!

I gave this book:


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