HISTORY OF SILENCE, by The Vandi Show, Self-Published

What does a hard-nosed detective, a flying hooker, naked dwarfs, a screwy ladies’ room, and a smart-mouth attorney have in common? Seemingly nothing, but they all come together quite insanely in this sometimes quirky, sometimes tragic, always sexy, disjointed tale of love and betrayal.

Sylus is the detective with a penchant for cracking skulls. Cashmere is the girl-turned-woman from his past destined to bring him to his knees.

He broke her heart once. She’ll be damned if she let’s him do it again…no matter what that fragile organ tells her.

Out February 2020

492 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Well was I ever surprised by this book. It’s big and not really set up properly but I decided to treat it as an ARC and excuse the layout. With that aside, I began plunging my way into this self-published book that was almost 500 pages.

The characters are brilliantly written, well-rounded, developed properly as the story progressed. The tension between Sy and Cash is tangible and entertaining. The story-line cleverly plotted and realistic. It flowed steadily and smoothly building to it’s enjoyable end. I am surprised that I liked this romance–yep, me, the romance genre non-liker. 🙂

A great author voice throughout, a strong talented writer and excellent feels for family, friendship and setting records straight. Realistic and charming too!

I gave this book:

Five star rating – shiny golden stars

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