UNDERSEA MYSTERY CLUB, TROUBLE WITH TREASURE, EPIC! ORIGINALS, by Courtney Carbone, Melanie Demmer, Andrews McMeel Publishing

The Undersea Mystery Club is going on a treasure hunt! In Book 2 of the series, Violet and Wally discover an old chest hidden in a sea cavern. In order to uncover who put it there and why, they’ll have to figure out how to open its rusty lock!

The mystery of the hidden chest sends Violet and Wally on a deep dive into the history of Aquamarina. Along the way, they learn about the importance of staying connected to the past and the value of real treasures—like cherished memories with friends. After the adventure, readers can flip the to the back of the book to learn more about the job of a historian and follow instructions to create a time capsule of their own! 

Out March 2020

112 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Another book in the “Undersea Mystery Club” roster–book Two.

We have mermaids, a narwhal friend, and undersea adventures for kids ages five to eight. Promoting curiosity, imagination and kindness as ways to join this fabulous undersea club in the world of Aquamarina. At the back of the book, there’s a slew of valuable and interesting information about the job of a historian and instructions on how to create a time capsule of your own.

The story has a hidden treasure chest to find and puzzle about how to open it that requires creative solutions that only the characters can come up with. Secrets abound, sea-sleuthing commands and past and present collide as memories rule.

Another great addition to a growing series. I recommend this book for those who love these large-print easy reading chapter books with illustrations that help propel the story along.

Five star rating – shiny golden stars

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