The Creature Campers are back for another adventure! To pass their map and compass skills test, they must find their way to a hidden spot in the forest, where a picnic feast awaits!

Follow Norm the Bigfoot and his friends as they brave a swampy lake, a scheming creature collector, and a starry night surprise to get to their deliciously sweet reward—and learn the true meaning of teamwork and trust.

Out March 2020

112 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Another fun early reader/chapter book with Norm our Bigfoot and friends off for another adventure and unique story. Like the others, this Epic! Original is full of humor and heart that combines high-interest topics with relatable social themes. Add summer camp, quirky creatures, mysteries at the bottom of the ocean with mermaids and narwhals, and slime pets… erm, all promise to capture the attention and imagination of millions of young readers.

Did you know that kids read more than 300 million books on Epic! in 2018 alone??? I didn’t. Read more about Epic! Originals and its authors, creators and platform at

Our characters are back at Camp Moonlight for more challenges and fun. Norm the Bigfoot, Oliver the human, Wisp the fairy, and Hazel the ever-energetic jackalope have map and compass in hand and are ready to pass their compass skills test-finding their way to a hidden picnic feast in the forest. Through swampy lakes while avoiding a scheming creature collector should be enough but nope, there’s more! What is that starry night surprise? Will teamwork prevail? Will they see their differences as strengths? Will the food spoil before they reach it?

With fun illustrations to help the story along, fast-paced action to keep you chewing on your nails (bad habit), and a villain needing fooling… kids are sure to love the latest addition to a great series.

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