THE GHOST NETWORK, BOOK #2, REBOOT, by I.I. Davidson, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Reboot is the second book in the thrilling adventure series,The Ghost Network, in which a diverse group of teenage hackers use their extraordinary abilities to fight a legendary tech icon who’s seeking total control over their bodies and minds.

Age Level: 11-14 Grade Level: 5th and up

The secret is now out about the Ghost Network’s identities . . . and everything is in danger of going up in smoke. With evil tech icon, Roy Lykos, on the prowl, John and the gang head to a top secret center in the Sahara desert to prepare for battle. This center is a bit different though—every student has the same special implants and the competition is sky high.
As the day of reckoning approaches, the Ghost Network gang will need every bit of help they can get from their extraordinary classmates if they are to wrestle back control of their minds and bodies

Out October 2019

184 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

So, I’ve read the first book in this series and now have read the second. This is a mind-boggling series. The kids with superpowers are totally badass. The techo-aspects and computer sciences, uplinks and supercomputers… Kids who are secret agents out to stop a nefarious evil-doer… Totally bad-ass.

I love this series! The action, the adventure, the betrayals, the enemies, the uplinks, downloads and psycho babble.. All in one thin, fast-paced reading. Lots of twists and unexpected turns, new characters along with the old, artificial implants, heightened awareness… I wish.

I’m excited for the third book since the second finishes on an UT OH! This is a great read for middle-grade readers and early YAs. Lots of relatable stuff and cool teen antics. You want to talk about schools for the gifted… how about teenage cyber agents?!

I love this book and series, great and exciting reading.

I gave it:


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