GET OUT OF BED YOU SCURVY DOG! by Jeanette Maska, Independent


A wacky twelve-year old, Thomas Delaney is struggling to survive middle school. Bedridden with a high fever, he begins to read Treasure Island and is drawn into a wild seafaring adventure. Reality collides with Imagination and chaos ensues.

Out August 2019

148 Pages Apprx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a self-published book. Ever read Treasure Island? Well, if not, you just might after reading this book. The author has taken an interesting angle with this book, one that actually works. I was a bit leery about this book since I don’t read books about pirates, the seas and treasure–that combination. But I’ve delved into a few with themes involving one or the other–usually in the science fiction or fantasy genre.

The author writes from a first-person perspective, Thomas Delaney’s. He a middle school-aged boy trying  hard to fit in. Although I loved the aspect that reality collides with the imagination, however, I feared the ending and hoped it wouldn’t be typically cliched. You know the type–wakes up and realizes it was all a dream…

Hmmm, guess what… At first, I rolled my eyes. Yup, it was a dream… or was it? Then I read the last few pages and kind of liked the way the book ended. Overall, it was a fun read.

It was a fast read, well plotted with enough twists and turns to be really interesting and make me want to keep turning pages. Maybe for the sequel, Thomas will take his brother Kyle with him…

I also want to note that I found the formatting for the book interesting and rather strange until I read that the author is also a playright. Well done! That explains why the book reads like a play…

I gave it:




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