EPIC ORIGINALS, DIARY OF A 5TH GRADE OUTLAW, by Gina Loveless, Andrea Bell, Andrews McMeel Publishing


Robin Loxley, the 5th grade outlaw of Nottingham Elementary, tells all! From Epic! Originals comes a comic-inspired illustrated novel series that treats growing up as an adventure.

Fifth grade has just started, and the school bully, Nadia, already rules recess with an unfair Playground Tax. Robin refuses to be pushed around, but all she can think about is winning back her best friend, Mary Ann, after a disastrous fallout over the summer. To do so, she will have to stand up to Nadia, face the wrath of Assistant Principal Johnson, and become a legendary outlaw at Nottingham Elementary—all while forming a merry band of new friends along the way.

Out September 2020

244 Pages Approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Can we say Robin Hood re-telling?

This book addresses issues like friendship, facing fears and dealing with bullying. Fitting in is also covered. I love the MC, she is fearless, brazen, flawed and fun!

I also got a “Harriet the Spy” vibe while reading this. The two MCs seemed cut from the same cloth. There’s a problem at Robin’s school with a school bully and Robin and her merry gang of umm kids, need to find a way of defeating her and saving the day, or school year. The accompanying illustrations are big, bold and bright, just like Robin’s personality.

This book is excellent for school libraries everywhere and relatable for kids in grade five, or ages seven to ten. For anyone who’s faced a bully, this book would offer an inspiration to be brave and face fears. Also, there’s a lot about basketball in the book along with themes to do with friendship, regrets and dealing with poor choices.

This is a great book full of fun written first-person in diary format, accompanied by beautiful illustrations and large print. It is a great easy reader and should be in all school libraries.

I gave it:



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