THE RUNAWAY DAUGHTER, by Joanna Rees, Panmacmillan


The first novel in a dazzling and sweeping historical trilogy from bestselling author Joanna Rees.

It’s 1926 and Anna Darton is on the run from a terrible crime. Alone and scared in London, salvation comes in the form of Nancy, a sassy American dancer at the notorious nightclub, The Zip. Re-inventing herself as Vita Casey, Anna becomes part of the line-up and is thrown into a hedonistic world of dancing, parties, flapper girls and fashion.

When she meets the dashing Archie Fenwick, Vita buries her guilty conscience and believes him when he says he will love her no matter what. But unbeknown to Vita, her secret past is fast catching up on her, and when the people closest to her start getting hurt, she is forced to confront her past or risk losing everything she holds dear.

Out July, 2019

496 pages approx.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review. This is book one in the “Stitch in Time” Series.

As a historical fiction fan I absolutely adored this book. Depicted in the roaring 20s era, women in this time were changing from the demure, quiet females they were expected to be, to more outgoing, hair and skirt shortening flappers.

Joanna Rees can truly weave a beautiful story. Her protagonist is an incredible lady who is determined to survive a terrible past and family misunderstanding that resulted in murder; she does this by running away and re-inventing herself. Nightclub life comes to the foreground when she is mistaken for another woman who is auditioning and then she meets up with another incredible woman who helps her become someone else.

This is about danger, fear, family dynamics, colorful characters and relationships/friendships. With strong, well-developed characters and an unsettling past that refuses to go away, this book holds a remarkable charm with its writing prose and style, face-paced plot, well-fleshed out characters and extraordinary premise.

If you enjoy books by Penny Vincenzi and Lesley Pearse, you’ll enjoy this book.

I gave it:


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