THE PLAGUE STONES, by James Brogden, Titan Books


From the critically acclaimed author of Hekla’s Children comes a dark and haunting tale of our world and the next.

Fleeing from a traumatic break-in, Londoners Paul and Tricia Feenan sell up to escape to the isolated Holiwell village where Tricia has inherited a property. Scattered throughout the settlement are centuries-old stones used during the Great Plague as boundary markers. No plague-sufferer was permitted to pass them and enter the village. The plague diminished, and the village survived unscathed, but since then each year the village trustees have insisted on an ancient ceremony to renew the village boundaries, until a misguided act by the Feenans’ son then reminds the village that there is a reason traditions have been rigidly stuck to, and that all acts of betrayal, even those committed centuries ago, have consequences…

Out May 2019

496 Pages


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

James Brogden does it again! He is one of my favorite authors. I’ve read the Hollow Tree and was perfectly creeped out and now this book…

Home run! Out of the park!

He never disappoints. Master of plotting and sub-plotting, fast-paced tension and creep factors right from the beginning. I mean look at the tag line:

She’s Waited Centuries For Revenge


Excellently flawed characters developed to perfection. Some write… he creates.

Buy his books! You won’t be disappointed.

I gave this book:



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