JUST READ, by Lori Degman, Illustrated by Victoria Tentler-Krylov, Sterling Publishing


These kids all love to read—alone or together, on a bus or in a parade. And every time they open a book, they open up a whole new world, too!

“A delightful tribute to reading anything and everything all the time. . . . There’s something for everyone.” —Booklist
“A chipper, colorful celebration of the limitless possibilities for what, where, and when one can read.” —Publishers Weekly

Learning to read is a big accomplishment, and this exuberant picture book celebrates reading in its many forms. In lively rhyme, it follows a diverse group of word-loving children who grab the opportunity to read wherever and whenever they can. They read while waiting and while sliding or swinging; they read music and in Braille and the signs on the road. And, sometimes, they even read together, in a special fort they’ve built. The colorful, fanciful art and rollicking text will get every child more excited about reading!

approx. 32 pages

Out March 5, 2019


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Book nerds beware! You will want this book for your bookish collection! The message is you can read anywhere, anytime… everywhere! There are beautiful, vibrant and colorful illustrations depicting people of all ages reading.

This is an encouraging book aimed at young readers supporting reading/literacy for all ages.  Libraries should carry this book. Perfectly rhyming sentences add a fun and creative aspect to the story.

Another book to add to my own shelf for it’s unique, but important message.

I gave it:


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