STALKED, A GRIPPING TRUE STORY, by Alison Hewitt, Panmacmillan, PGC


Alison Hewitt was in the midst of training to be a family doctor when she met Al Amin Dhalla through an exclusive dating agency. He was a seemingly respectable businessman from Canada, so attentive and caring it was easy to ignore the warning signs – until he started, step by step, to take over her life.
Six months after they first met Al Amin’s web of lies started to unravel and Alison became aware that he had a sinister dark side. When she tried to end the relationship, the unthinkable happened and she found herself the victim of an escalating campaign of terror. Even when Al Amin was found with knives and guns, the police had no powers to detain him. Nobody could have imagined the events that were to follow, as Alison was left fearing for her life. It would take all her strength to survive.
Brave and gripping, Stalked tells of one young woman’s fight against the man who terrorized her, and her determination to defeat the fear and live a normal life.

approx. 305 pages

Out August 2014


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is an incredible read.  It shows so many aspects as to why you shouldn’t use online dating to find someone.  It also shows how important it is to take your time getting to really know someone before moving in with them. Learn beliefs, about their family, dating history, friends, work acquaintances, etc. Take your time!

This story builds as you read on, the tension grows to alarming heights and it’s just hard to fathom that a woman like Alison could become entangled with someone like this man, but it happens more than anyone would like to admit.

Young ladies need to read this book. They need to the world through Alison’s eyes to appreciate the dangers out there. Exotic is not always good.

I highly recommend this book.

I gave it:


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