MONSTERS, by David A Robertson, Highwater Press


Cole Harper is struggling to settle into life in Wounded Sky First Nation. He may have stopped a serial killer but the trouble is far from over. A creature lurks in the shadows of Blackwood Forest, the health clinic is on lockdown by a mysterious organization, and long-held secrets threaten to bubble to the surface. Can Cole learn the truth about his father’s death? Why won’t Choch give him a straight answer? Where the heck is Jayne? Oh, and high school sucks.

Monsters is the second novel in David A. Robertson’s The Reckoner trilogy. It is the follow-up to Strangers.

Out September 2018/ January 2019 US


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

I previously reviewed David Robertson’s “Strangers” the first book of Reckoner series. Go here to read my review.

This book, “Monsters,” is the second installment to his young adult series.

I absolutely love this author’s “voice.” His writing style is clear and precise and easy to enjoy.  His word usage is mesmerizing and before you know it, you’ve read the whole book and want more. I love the imagery he conjures and the careful character development he uses to bring the reader into his MC’s head and circumstances.

This is an author I plan on following and hopefully will interview in the future. He’s an award winning writer for his book, “When We Were Alone” a book that won him the Governor General’s Award; and, “Will I See?” This work won him the Manuela Dias Book Design and Illustration Award Graphic Novel Category.

His writing about Indigenous Peoples in Canada illuminates their culture, histories, communities, and relevant contemporary issues.  In this series, he approaches subjects about belonging, bullying, differences, acceptance and more.

I gave this book:



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