OZY AND MILLIE, by Dana Simpson, Andrews McMeel


From the creator of the enormously popular Phoebe and Her Unicorn series comes “Ozy and Millie,” a playful comic exploring the friendship between two foxes. “Ozy and Millie” features an introduction by author Dana Simpson and a hand-selected collection of her favorite strips from the comic’s 10-year run. While this comic deals with middle-grade kids and childhood fun, Simpson’s witty sarcasm, sharp political musings, and philosophical humor also make this comic appealing to adults, giving this title a wider audience.

Meet Ozy and Millie, two middle-grade students in Seattle who also happen to be foxes. This comic centers around these two best friends as they take on the everyday challenges all middle-graders face—bullies, tests, and the dread of going back to school after a surprise snow day.

Ozy is a young male fox whose adoptive father happens to be a dragon and frequent presidential candidate. Ozy’s calm and thoughtful demeanor is constantly tested by Millie’s rambunctious and rebellious pursuits.

Together they offer charming and fun stories while also allowing Simpson’s sweetly philosophical humor to shine through.

Out August 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Starting as a webcomic strip, Andrews McMeel Publishing has put together a collection of these strips in a newly released book, Ozy and Millie which has an all-new author’s introduction.

Ozy and Millie came out before Phoebe and Her Unicorn as a ten year run and this book is a hand-selected group from those online strips which will appeal to longtime fans and new readers alike.

In the format of a middle-grade reader, filled with bright illustrations and colorful renderings, you will find pages and pages of humor and fun.

Influenced by philosophy, this innovative series is sure to please. Dana Simpson won the 2009 Comic Strip Superstar contest with her strip, “Girl,” precursor to “Phoebe an Her Unicorn, a series that now runs in nearly 200 newspapers, and was nominated for a 2016 Harvey Award for Best Syndicated Strip or Panel.

“Phoebe and Her Unicorn” has won a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Award, a Washington State Book Award, and a Bulletin of  the Center for Children’ s Books 2015 Blue Ribbon.

Out August 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

There are some tips on drawing some of the characters in this book at its back to enjoy as well as a Glossary of terms and important facts referred to inside the book. Large, colorful illustrations with great one liners and punchlines attached fill its pages.  The color is sharp and absolute with no bleed lines. The illustrations are drawn clearly and precisely. Overall, a great collection for fans and newbies alike.

I gave this book:




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