THE DOOR TO THE LOST, by Jaleigh Johnson, Delacorte Press


There was no warning the day magic died in Talhaven. It happened with a giant explosion and the arrival of a skyship full of children, all with magic running through their veins and no memory of home.

Rook and Drift are two of those children, and ever since that day, they’ve been on the run, magical refugees in a world that doesn’t trust magic. Because magic doesn’t die right away–it decays, twists, and poisons all that it touches. And now it’s beginning to poison people.

Try as they might, Rook and Drift can’t remember anything about their lives before Talhaven. But it’s beginning to look like they’re the only ones who can save their adopted world . . . if that world doesn’t destroy them first.

Out July 3, 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Magical refugees on the run because no one trust magic. How exciting. This is a fun and adventurous book for middle-grade readers.

The author did a great job with world-building, pacing and plotting, ensuring plenty of twists and turns to keep you fixated to the pages! To add to these pleasures, there’s strong, well-fleshed out characters that are likable and fun and excellent magical elements too.

I enjoyed this original tale, especially because of the characters who will stay with me for a long time.

I gave this book:


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