Boots Elsworth was a famous treasure hunter in another life, but now she’s washed up. She makes her meager living faking salvage legends and selling them to the highest bidder, but this time she might have stumbled on something real–the story of the Harrow, a famous warship, capable of untold destruction.

Nilah Brio is the top driver in the Pan Galactic Racing Federation and the darling of the racing world–until she witnesses the murder of a fellow racer. Framed for the murder and on the hunt to clear her name, Nilah only has one lead: the killer also hunts a woman named Boots.

On the wrong side of the law, the two women board a smuggler’s ship that will take them on a quest for fame, for riches, and for justice.

Out June 26th, 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Oh my giddy aunt!

This is my almost most fav book so far.

Sci-fi space opera full of fast-paced action, crazy, crazy characters, amazing plotting and story concept full of so many twists and turns and then… yup there’s more, there’s MAGIC!

You want a villain to make you cringe, shudder and fear… this book has that too!  I can’t say enough! Treasure hunting, nasty government conspiracies, bad-ass futuristic racing, pirates, mutineers, humor, sarcasm, and did I mention crazy, crazy characters?

It never stopped, I never stopped reading, and I WANT MORE!

I gave it:

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