THE STONE GIRL’S STORY, by Sarah Beth Durst, Clarion Books



Exploring the power of stories and storytelling, Sarah Beth Durst presents the mesmerizing adventure of a girl made of living stone who braves unforeseen dangers and magical consequences on a crucial quest to save her family.

Mayka and her stone family were brought to life by the stories etched into their bodies. Now time is eroding these vital marks, and Mayka must find a stonemason to recarve them. But the search is more complex than she had imagined, and Mayka uncovers a scheme endangering all stone creatures. Only someone who casts stories into stone can help—but whom can Mayka trust? Where is the stonemason who will save them?

Action and insight combine in this magical coming-of-age novel as the young heroine realizes the savior she’s been searching for is herself.

Out April, 2018


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is an excellent middle-grade novel where the heroine is a stone girl. The quest she is on is to find another stonemason who can restore the markings on her friends so that they can live and function like the had before when “Father” made them. Unfortunately, this is another story where opportunists take advantage of the innocent.

The Protagonist, Mayka, is on a self-discovery journey and a coming to the realization that she must become the hero of her own story. Unfortunately, there are times when the story’s other characters seem to be more of the focus of the story than Mayka and this hurts the climax of the story.  More interactions surrounding Mayka should have been used with stronger writing to build up the moment where the climax strikes! This shows a better resolution of the conflict and a more solid push of the Protagonist achieving her goals.

It seemed weak at this moment for me.

Beautiful settings and world-building, lyrical writing and it’s a STANDALONE!!!

I can see this book becoming a beloved classic since it carries overtures of a new fairy tale. It has strong, ‘can-do’ attitudes of its characters and even an epilogue to tell you what happened after.

I gave this book:



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